September 13th, 2012

Natural Skin Lightening Methods At Home

Skin Lightening, by Mattie.

Pale skin has always been considered one of symbols of beauty. Many women want to lighten their skin precisely because of this. Take a look at effective home treatments that you can use to lighten your skin without the use of synthetic products.

You don’t need to run to the nearest pharmacy or talk to a dermatologist to lighten your skin.

The best and closest place to go to is your kitchen or the supermarket.

  • Lemon juice – easy to find and one of the oldest, most trusted home remedies for many health problems. Lemons are a treasure trove of cures. Its acidity and vitamin C is natural bleach that also promotes new cell growth. Antioxidants found naturally in lemons can keep the skin looking young. Dip a cotton ball into the freshly-squeezed orange juice and gently apply onto the face. Make sure you wash it off after 10 minutes since it’s very strong. Good for acne, too.
  • milk bathMilk – warm and soothing to drink before sleeping, it can make us relax and is a good source of calcium. On the skin, it is also an effective as the lactic acid in milk helps to whiten the dark patches and exfoliate. Other benefits include moisturizing which helps keep dryness at bay. Milk baths once in a while can not only do all these, but can make you relaxed enough to de-stress.
  • Almond and Honey – no fair crunching them up. Almonds are yummy and healthy when eaten, they also have good effects if applied on the skin so don’t gobble them all! They can moisturize the skin and lighten it at the same time. Add a teaspoon of honey, almond oil, milk powder and lemon juice together and mix. Apply on the face, wait for ten minutes, and wash it off. You will see your skin moisturized, healthy and lightening with continued use. Since it has lemon juice, don’t use too often however.
  • Tomato and Oatmeal – Icky if eaten at the same time, but deliciously helpful when applied on the skin. Tomatoes help to moisturize, while oatmeal helps to exfoliate the skin. Mix both together and apply the paste onto the skin. Wait for twenty minutes then was them off with cold water.

In addition to natural skin lightening methods you also need to have a healthy routine for your skin. Make sure you always apply sunblock with high SPF levels and stay out of direct sunlight.

Make sure you clean your face well and don’t forget to moisturize day and night. Eat healthy food, and pop a vitamin E pill so that skin will retain its lovely, youthful glow.

Exercise will also help, as physical activity lets us sweat off the stress from life. Make sure you get enough sleep as well, since the body needs to rest in order to renew itself.

These natural remedies take time to work, so don’t get impatient. Keep doing them steadily, but don’t abuse, because they might also harm your skin.

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