March 5th, 2013

Skin Lightening Products: Negative Effects and Chemicals to Watch Out For

Skin Lightening, by Mattie.

Women often take great pains to seek out beauty. Women are wired to look more beautiful and to do whatever they can to keep the beauty they have and enhance it.

They would change their diet, exercise faithfully, alter their lifestyles and use many beauty products to that effect. Other even change their bodies using liposuction or breast augmentation.

One of the great symbols of beauty is white skin. Many women have tried and tested different ways to have lighter skin, and some choose chemical treatments.

While these do show results, they may result in bodily harm in the long run if abused, due to their chemical composition.

What Are These Chemicals?

  • Hydroquinone – if a skin bleaching cream has over 2% hydroquinone, it may cause side effects like itching, or a stinging sensation. Skin may turn red where hydroquinone is applied. If discontinued, the side effects will disappear, but in France, this chemical has been banned due to cancer risks.
  • Peroxide – peroxide products like hydrogen peroxide and benzoyl peroxide when used in conjunction with a product that has hydroquinone might not make you lighter. In fact, they might even stain your skin.
  • Mercury – skin lightening creams with mercury should not be used for long periods because it can cause mercury poisoning. Once it accumulates with the cells of the body can cause liver damage and kidney failure. Worse, it can destroy the brain.
  • Arsenic – another poisonous substance used in skin lightening. This chemical is used in herbicides and pesticides. With constant use, it may cause cancer on the skin, prostate, liver, bladder, lungs and kidney.

What Are Other Side Effects of Skin Bleaching?

  • use umbrellaSun Sensitivity – prolonged use of creams that have hydroquinone and mercury can make the skin hyper sensitive to the sun. Redness, itchiness or a stinging sensation may be felt. At its worst, you might feel like your skin is burning. Don’t go out without an SPF 15 or higher sunblock. Bring an umbrella or use protective clothing. Avoid sun lamps and tanning beds at this time.
  • Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers – it is not recommended to use skin bleaching products at this time, since it can affect the fetus. These chemicals can enter the mother’s bloodstream and cause harm to the child.
  • Acne – if a product’s chemical makeup is not suitable for you, it may cause an acne breakout. It can even have the opposite result, darkening your skin instead of lightening it. This is even more difficult to remove.
  • Stretch Marksskin lightening products when used for an extended period of time can make the skin thinner. This causes stretch marks to appear. Once they’re there, they will become an even more difficult problem to get rid of.

If you still want to continue with your skin lightening plans, please make sure you see a dermatologist first. They can recommend products that have lower dosages of the chemicals, or give you alternative ways to get the results you want.

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