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December 24th, 2012

The Side Effects of HGH

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HGH (or Human Growth Hormone) topic has been making the rounds everywhere. A lot of people say it is really effective medically and you can expect great physical enhancement as a result of use. Not only that, the bones, heart and brain can also benefit from it because it helps speed up blood flow. You don’t seem to hear about the side effects much, however. What Are The Short Term Side Effects? Swelling – not really dangerous, just painful. This can be seen in your arms and legs. There are no safe or trusted oral medications for HGH on the market, so it is directly injected into your bloodstream. Joint and Muscle Pain – changes and development in your muscles can occur while using HGH and can be painful. The joints will also hurt quite a bit. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – when the median nerve on the forearm and wrist is compressed due to bone and muscle growth, it becomes painful and decreases the strength of your hand. It curtails movement, too. Hormone Abnormalities – HGH can wreak havoc with your hormones, and be the reason for impotence in men and giving women mestrual problems. If a woman abuses it, her facial muscles and bones would change due to the growth, and make her look “manly.” It has quite a number of long term side effects as well and below is the list: Pain and Tingling – of course with the accelerated growth, you have to live with muscle and joint pain. Taking medication for…