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February 23rd, 2013

The Different Types of Rosacea

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A lot of people assume that they simply have sensitive skin when they blush often or stay in the sun for too long. However, this may already be one of the first signs and symptoms of rosacea. Rosacea is a skin disease which appears around the 30s and is chronic – which means it never really goes away. It is treatable, but the symptoms only disappear or are controlled. It is incurable. You may have flushed or red skin, pimples and small blood vessels may appear on the face. The eyes may be affected too, and they will be reddish or watery. If not treated, your skin might swell (edema) and vision loss may occur. At the onset, the face may be frequently reddish and this occurs persistently. Blushing and flushing may also occur. The redness usually shows up on the central area of the face due to the blood vessels dilating. What Are The Different Types Of Rosacea? Vascular Rosacea – or erythematotelangiectaticrosacea, is characterized by small blood vessels appearing on the cheeks and nose. This is because the blood vessels swell, and can make the skin sensitive to even small irritations. The most severe cases can cause dandruff and oily skin. This is usually treated with doxycycline in topical or oral medicines. Inflammatory Rosacea – this is also called Papulopustularrosacea and is more visible than vascular rosacea. In the case, an outbreak can occur at one part of the face and then spreads. It usually infects the middle part of the face, i.e….

Usually every time you wake up, and it feels so good to know it’s a brand new day. Most of us will go directly to the bathroom to wash our face and brush our teeth. However, a simple acne breakout that is visible in our face can ruin our entire day. Many of us have experienced having acne, since they usually happen during adolescence. Some may be luckier than others; they didn’t have it all over there faces -just one or two here and there. Some can even have them after adolescence. Acne is caused by sebum or oil from the sebaceous glands accumulates under the skin because the follicle (which adds to the trouble because hair grows from there) from which it passes gets blocked. What Are The Different Kinds of Acne? Whiteheads – these are found beneath the skin and cannot be seen. When dead cells and sebaceous oil mix, this is the result. There is no redness, but a slight bump may be felt. Blackheads – these are similar to whiteheads, but can be seen on the surface of the skin because yes, they are black. This is because once it comes in contact with oxygen, it oxidizes, hence the color change. Papules – these are clearly visible because they are pinkish, but small. Pustules – these are the ones that are reddish with white tops because there is pus inside. Nobules – these are the ones you shouldn’t touch. They can be painful and hard and they are larger compare to…

Cellulite is commonly found on the buttocks, upper thighs, and abdomen. It is actually due to the weakening of the connective tissues in your skin, especially when you reach your seniority. When the tissues weaken, the fat cells will likely bulge through the spaces opened due to the weakened tissues. This is the time that a bumpy appearance appears. There is no doubt that until now, people still doubt the quality of the lotions, creams, and even pills that are claimed to help improve your skin from cellulite. However, you should not lose hope for there are still effective products that contain natural ingredients that help reduce cellulite, such as spices, herbs, seaweed, and caffeine among others. In order to give you one ideal product to consider, you have Cellutherma. Here are few of the product’s reviews: Cellutherma Overview Cellutherma is a firming product made exclusively for the treatment of cellulite. It has been developed by SkinCura Labs. SkinCura Labs is a company that produces various products for beautification and high-end skincare treatment. The product is made in order to fight away the fats causing cellulite. It will improve the affected areas as promised by its manufacturer. Cellutherma is termed as the best solution for women’s common dilemma. Although it is recommended to just maintain a good diet for cellulite reduction, it is much better to come up with a solution that is faster and efficient at the same time, which is Cellutherma. The Formulation of Cellutherma The formula of Cellutherma is made of ingredients…